2-5 September 2020

Buy a Trail Running Nepal bandana

Mira Rai likes it – a bandana with prayer flags blowing in the wind against a blue sky, and the new Trail Running Nepal logo on it.

They’re for sale and you can buy one for ~12 euro + postage. Profits (after taxes) will be donated into the fund for Nepali trail running athletes so they can compete in international races as Mira Rai did.

Mira Rai

Mira Rai selfie-modelling the Trail Running Nepal prayer flag headwear

trail-running-nepal-trn-bandanaThe bandana is designed by Alex Treadway, sent to China by Lizzy Hawker, influenced by the legendary Bruno Poirier and the  inspired Chevaliers du Vent bandana.

If you wish to buy one, get your credit card ready and fill in the form below.

sange sherpa nepal






Sorry these are out of stock at the moment!