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Frequently asked questions

Here are questions that we’re commonly asked. If you have further questions, please write on our discussion forum.

1. What is the start date and time for the Ultra

The start time for the Ultra is 10:30 am on Friday 2nd September.


2. What is the expected finishing time for the first ultra runners?

It’s not sure, but we think about 16 hours.


3. Is any food acceptable for the obligatory 400 calories?

Yes! Real food or energy bars, gels etc. is fine. As long as edible and something you would be able to eat in an emergency.


4. I am running the stage race, what are the names of the hotels where I will be staying after Stage 1 and 2?

You will be given the names of your hotels in Gressoney-la-Trinité and Macugnaga in your race pack at registration in Cervinia. There will also be a list and village map at the finish line in those villages to make it easy for you.


5. Do you transport our baggage?

Yes we will transport one piece of baggage per person (70 litres or 15kg) from start to finish. These will be available for you to collect at the finish line (for stage race and ultramarathon). Please remember you will need to carry your baggage from the finish line to your hotel so it needs to be manageable.

Ultramarathon: baggage is transported directly from Cervinia to Grächen

Stage Race: baggage is transported – Day 1 from Cervinia to Gressoney-la-Trinité / Day 2 from Gressoney-la-Trinité to Macugnaga / Day 3 from Macugnaga to Grächen.

For both Ultramarathon and Stage Race you only need to carry your obligatory kit during the race itself.




6. Is my normal travel insurance sufficient?

You need to have personal accident insurance sufficient to cover the cost of search and evacuation in Italy and Switzerland. Helicopter evacuations in Italy and Switzerland are not free of charge. The insurance policy must be valid at least for the duration of the race. Please check the terms of your policy and make sure you have adequate cover.


7. Do I need to book my own accommodation in Cervinia and Grächen?

Yes, if you are running the stage race or the ultramarathon you will need to book your own accommodation before the race in Cervinia and post-race in Grächen. See our accommodation page for further information.


8. Can I make contact with my fellow competitors?

Of course! We have created a discussion forum for general questions, answers and discussion. We also invite those who have completed their registration to join a closed facebook group to learn more about each other, share plans, ask questions.


9. What time will the bus return to Cervinia on Sunday 4th September?

The bus will leave Grächen at 0830 on Sunday 4th September. The journey takes approximately 3.5 hours for a car and without traffic. Please allow extra time for the bus and possible traffic – so an estimated arrival time of 1400 hrs in Cervinia.


10. Is it possible to leave a car in Cervinia?

There is a large parking place right at the entrance to the village. It is free!


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