6-9 September 2017: 116km & 170km ultras + 3 & 4-day stage races -- REGISTER NOW!
gps-tracker map

GPS Race Tracking (optional)

Rent a GPS tracker for €20 the duration of your race


Example tracking screen

GPS trackers are not mandatory, and not included in the registration fee, but they are great for family and friends to follow exactly where you are during the race.

The tracking devices are small and just 65g.

For 2016, we are offering optional tracking devices for hire for €20.00 for both stage and ultra races but there are not enough for everybody. We can supply maximum 100 trackers this year.

Your device will be shown on a map like this. We just tested the trackers on a 4-day fastpack around Monte Rosa – aka the UTMR Training Camp.


Tracker size

If you are interested, please reserve one using the form below. At the end of July, we’ll send you a mail to give you all the information and to request payment.



gps tracker

65g tracking device – very small.