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Mai 11

Ultra Tour Monte Rosa 2020 & the COVID-19 pandemic

Lizzy Hawker

Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, 10th May 2020. It is with great regret that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 edition of Ultra Tour Monte Rosa.  We have carefully considered the current pandemic situation and the risk that holding a race like UTMR would present to our runners, volunteers and hosts. We take this decision […]

Mar 02

CH & Europe Ambassador: Sacha Mijatov

Lizzy Hawker

We’re delighted that Sacha will be an ambassador for UTMR on the trails and social media! Thank you Sacha & we look forward to welcoming you back in September 2020.   You can find Sacha on facebook if you want to contact him!     Sacha (Turbosnail) Mijatov Born: 1971 Hometown: Brussels, Belgium. About me: I have […]

Fév 28

Children's running race Grachen, Switzerland

Rangliste Grächen UTMR 2019 Kinderrennen

UTMR Admin

A big thank you to all of the children who stepped on to the start line for the 2019 Kinderrennen event at the UTMR in Grächen. It was 100% effort from the start to the finish as you might expect if you’ve ever seen a children’s running race. There were two distances, 2 km and […]

Fév 24

Matthieu Girard returns for the 2020 Ultra Tour

Lizzy Hawker

Our 2018 winner of the 170 km Ultra Tour, Matthieu Girard, is returning for 2020! Here’s what he thinks about UTMR. Thank you Matthieu & best of luck, see you in September!  N.B Matthieu is co-president of Trail Verbier St-Bernard a beautiful set of races at the beginning of July at the other end of […]

Fév 04

UTMR in Trails Endurance Magazine

UTMR Admin

Thanks to photographer Hervé Le Gac and Trails Endurance for taking the time and effort to cover Ultra Tour Monte Rosa 2019 and brave the unfortunate weather conditions we faced. We hope you will come back for more of the sunny days we more often expect!

Jan 26

The Slovak Ultra Trail Team at the 2020 UTMR

Lizzy Hawker

We are happy to welcome an elite runner, Marián Priadka, from the Slovak Ultra Trail Team to the 170 km UTMR! Here’s what he has to say ….. I started with running as a training and alternative activity for MTB, which brought me to back sports after several years break. After my beginnings (doing some […]

Jan 21

running through the night book

Running through the night: Ultramarathon Adventures in Europe

Lizzy Hawker

One of our past UTMR competitors, David Byrne, has just published a book about ultra running that contains a chapter on the zero edition UTMR stage race in 2015. He says, “To me the 2015 edition was great as it was a chance to see a new location and to push myself which has since […]

Déc 21

UTMR will be a qualifying race for the 2021 Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run

Lizzy Hawker

We had some good news from the board of “Hardrock”!  Finishers of our 170km race in 2020 will qualify for the 2021 Hardrock lottery. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Hardrock it is a 100 mile ultramarathon in the Southern Colorado’s San Juan Range, USA. Here is what one 5-time finisher of Hardrock, Jason Poole, […]

Août 10

Europaweg new routes from Grächen to Europahütte

UTMR Admin

https://www.graechenberglauf.ch/europaweg/ The Europaweg from Grächen to Europahütte has changed since August 2018. A new route has been opened in June 2019. The new route has two variants, one harder, one easier.  All of the following information is for reference only and comes with no guarantee! Variant one First walk out of Grachen to the south […]

Juin 03

Double excitement – Ida Nilsson & Moonvalley coming to UTMR!

Lizzy Hawker

  Ida Nilsson needs no introduction with a host of winning performances at some of the world’s most revered mountain ultras! The Swedish athlete had an outstanding 2018 season including her 3rd (straight) victory at Transvulcania (73km), a win at Maratòn Alpina Zegama-Aizkorri (42km) & a second place in the Golden Trail Series. She had […]

Mar 31

Christian Insam returning to finish unfinished business on the trails of Monte Rosa

Lizzy Hawker

La Sportiva elite athlete, Christian Insam, is returning to finish unfinished business on the trails of Monte Rosa! Good luck, see you in September!     After my withdrawal last year at km 120 my first thought was that I would definitely return to conclude the route around the Monte Rosa! Too strong was the […]

Mar 27

GB international Dan Lawson is looking for some magic in the 2019 4-day stage race

Lizzy Hawker

  Dan Lawson is a GB international runner, in 2016 he won the IAU 24 Hour European Championships and holds a world record for the distance run on a treadmill in 7 days. He is fresh off an FKT on the Jordan Trail with Robbie Briton. Why is he turning to UTMR & the mountains? […]

Mar 21

Slovak elite, Peter Brestovansky, for the 2019 170km UTMR

Lizzy Hawker

We are happy to welcome an elite runner, Peter Brestovansky, from the Slovak Ultra Trail Team to the 170km UTMR! Here’s what he has to say ….. “In addition to climbing, ski alpinism and mountain biking, I also enjoy running. The long distances running. Ultra run. It came completely out of blue. At the time […]

Fév 26

Visiting runners from Nepal

Lizzy Hawker

We are happy to welcome two talented Nepali runners to the UTMR 4-stage race during their first visit outside Nepal! We look forward to hearing what they think of the trails around Monte Rosa! Good luck guys … Mahesh Thapa and Bikash Tamang are two talented young and enthusiastic ultra trail runners from Nepal. Speaking […]

Jan 10

roman evarts utmb utmr

Roman Evarts chooses UTMR after UTMB

UTMR Admin

UTMB Podium Finisher chooses the 2019 UTMR 100 mile course for his next big challenge in order to keep focused, and to keep slim. He joins top 5 UTMB finisher Damian Hall and 11th place Petter Restorp. After last year’s UTMB, finishing 6th, I fulfilled my sporty ambitions and it was about a time to […]

Jan 08

How to own a mountain

Lizzy Hawker

Here’s a nice insight into the 2018 4-day Stage Race from Rebeca Ehrnrooth, part owner of myRaceKit. A Swede living in the UK, she is an outdoor enthusiast and ultra-runner who travels the world for adventures and races. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2019 Rebeca! ——-   In Lizzy Hawker’s book Runner there […]

Jan 02

Damian Hall is in for the hurt …

Lizzy Hawker

Damian Hall, journalist and elite runner, is signed up for the 2019 170 km Ultra Tour. With an impressive 5th place at the 2018 UTMB in 22:35:13, and having recently set an FKT (fastest known time) for the Cape Wrath Trail with Beth Pascall, he is no stranger to the long and hard. We look […]

Déc 10

Petter Restorp running

Petter Restorp chooses UTMR 170 km, the full tour of Monte Rosa, for 2019

UTMR Admin

Petter Restorp has joined UTMR through our programme for elite runners… Restorp finished 11th in the UTMB this year in a very respectable 23:34:35 and is looking for a new challenge for 2019 as he explains below. —— I ended my 2018 season with a full month of rest. Instead of running I went climbing in […]

Juil 29

Why Monte Rosa Ultra

A bucket list ultra – Why choose Ultra Tour Monte Rosa?

UTMR Admin

When people enter for the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, the ultra trail race around the massif of Monte Rosa, we ask them to tell us why they entered, with this question. Of all the races in the world, why did you choose to race the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa? And here are the answers! Massimo […]

Juil 16

Christian Insam, a La Sportiva athlete from Italy, on UTMR 2018

Lizzy Hawker

Some questions to Christian Insam, an Italian athlete on the team from La Sportiva, on why UTMR and what he is looking forward to.   What you are looking forward to? I’ve been hearing about UTMR for a few years now. The idea of touring Monte Rosa has always  fascinated me, as all wild, technical […]

Juin 25

Une alternative à l’UTMB – un 100 miles comparable en Europe, aux portes de la France !

UTMR Admin

“Vous cherchez une bonne alternative à l’ UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc ?” Internet est un endroit formidable pour effectuer une recherche avec les mots clefs “Alternative à” accolé au nom d’un grand trail célèbre afin d’en trouver un autre à découvrir, moins cher, moins difficile d’accès et moins “couru”. Surtout quand le grand trail […]

Juin 19

Nicky Spinks, double Bob Graham Round record holder on UTMR 2018

Lizzy Hawker

Guest post by Nicky Spinks. Nicky is the current double Bob Graham Round record holder, two laps of a ~106 km mountain route in the Lake District in the UK.  With entries closing in two weeks I thought I would remind everyone what a fantastic race this is and to say that I’m so looking forward […]

Juin 10

Jason Poole Ultra Runner

USA Ambassador: Jason Poole

UTMR Admin

JASON POOLE : COLORADO, USA We’re delighted that Jason has offered to share his experience of the 2017 Ultra Tour Monte Rosa with anybody interested in learning more about the course from an American trail perspective. Here’s a little info about Jason and contact details.  Jason became involved in endurance sports in 1987, primarily competing […]

Avr 03

Japan Ambassador – Shinobu Ono

UTMR Admin

小野 忍(おの しのぶ) 1958年生まれ。東京在住の元アルピニストで現在はスロートレイルランナー。仕事は登山ガイドと海外登山のアドアバイザーです。個人的には100㎞以上のロングのレースに好んで出場し、制限時間を最大限につかいレースを楽しんでいます。 UTMRの舞台であるモンテローザ周辺の山やトレイルは、40年近くにわたり毎夏通っており、モンテローザやマッターホルンのほかにも多くの山の登頂経験があります。また今回のレースコースの一部は、それらの山からのの下山の途中に歩いたことのある、懐かしくまた慣れ親しんだコースです。 このエリアの山やトレイルの知識や経験を生かし、大会のアンバサダーとして参加される皆様の完走のためのサポート、現地での移動や宿泊、レース前後の観光や登山、ハイキングなどのお手伝いをさせていただきます。 chamonixshinobu@yahoo.co.jp http://mountain-ma.com/katorisenko

Mar 07

When a photographer leaves his cameras behind …

Lizzy Hawker

  Lloyd Belcher, our photographer in 2015 and 2017, is coming back in 2018. This time he is leaving the cameras behind and this is why! Good luck Lloyd!   “I’m very fortunate that I have a job that I enjoy and it takes me to some beautiful places around the world. But don’t be […]

Nov 07

2017 Ultra winner Stone Tsang interviewed over the last kilometer

UTMR Admin

So exciting! It’s a tough race, very difficult. Very difficult. It’s not a normal ultra race. If you finish this race [you’re] very tough, the very long climbs up and do – so big – also the altitude, and also the technical… it’s so technical my god! Unbelievable. It’s not just one or two sections. […]

Sep 29

Italian ultra 100 km race checkpoint

Feedback from runners in 2017

UTMR Admin

While feedback is sometimes critical (and constructive) there is a lot of happy feedback from many race competitors. Here is a selection from 2017…. Basil Geoghegan “The UTMR was awesome. Putting together a race on this terrain is impressive. I loved it. I have never run a stage race before. Standing in an Alpine village […]

Août 08

2017 UTMR poster!

Lizzy Hawker

We have a new poster for 2017!  

Juil 02

FKT of Tour de Monte Rosa – how was it?

UTMR Admin

On 29th July 2016, Lizzy Hawker completed a full tour of Monte Rosa solo, to “test the course”. Here is what she wrote back then in answer to five questions about the route. You started at the same time as the race will start next year, so passed around the route as a mid pack […]

Nov 30

Why we ask for the experience we ask for!

Lizzy Hawker

The route of the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa is challenging! Bold, beautiful and brutal …. There are two reasons why we ask for the experience we ask for – we want you to be safe and we want you to enjoy your race experience. It is a tough trail – high, wild and technical in […]

Oct 26

Leeches, faceplants, snowblindness: Lizzy Hawker takes on the Great Himalaya Trail

UTMR Admin

The Great Himalaya Trail is a vague concept, really a network of trails through the Himalayas. When you set foot on the trails, it’s anything but vague: it’s tough, wild, enormous, humbling. Lizzy Hawker, as you may know, has a passion for making long solo journeys across tough terrain. In 2011, a attempt to cross […]

Sep 16

Swiss fighting cow

UTMR 2016 Monte Rosa images from Mark Brightwell

UTMR Admin

Mark was standing below the Monte Moro pass on the Swiss side. While monitoring the runners down the slope, he kept his camera busy. Mark wants to offer printed copies of his images to you for a reasonable price in order to collect money for Trail Running Nepal’s athlete fund. The athlete’s fund raises money for […]

Août 24

taped seam

UTMR Equipment review – taped seams mandatory!

UTMR Admin

Runners, with one week to go we would like to highlight the importance of the obligatory equipment. Mandatory equipment list. “There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.” I have just attended an event that was hit by severe wind and rain for the full 5 day duration of the event. Most […]

Août 06


Sidetracked by the Tour of Monte Rosa

UTMR Admin

“The terrain was rougher than we could possibly imagine. It was in stark contrast to the flowing trails that we’d encountered while racing the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc).” Ben Read and James Noorkoiv’s account of a summer fastpack adventure on the Tour de Monte Rosa. The threat of a storm forces them to return […]

Août 02

(Ultra) Tour Monte Rosa training camp on the 2017 UTMR route

UTMR Admin

Lizzy Hawker runs training camps around Monte Rosa. These are part UTMR trail familiarisation trips, part running training camps, part trail running instruction from Lizzy, if you ask her nicely. Covering around 170km in four days with some 11,000m of elevation change is a fantastic boost to your training for trail. It’s great preparation for […]

Juil 29

A non-stop Tour de Monte Rosa

UTMR Admin

UPDATE: Lizzy completed in 37 hours 10 minutes The climb is more than Everest from sea to summit, and fortunately the distance is much shorter than bay of Bengal to Everest’s top. But the comparatively short 169km on mountain trails with over 11,000m of climb and descent, all at an average altitude of around 2200m, […]

Juil 14


How hard is an ultra?

UTMR Admin

We’ve just held 2016’s first UTMR training camp – completing the full tour of Monte Rosa in four long days. A mix of running the downs and hiking the ups, to get familiar with the course and get long hours on our feet. It’s the kind of course that needs that. One of the participants, Fergus […]

Juil 11

europaweg matterhorn

2017 stage I / first 40km

UTMR Admin

The 2017 ultra will be a full tour of Monte Rosa, from Grächen to Grächen, with a 4-stage race along side. This nicely builds upon the experience from the stage race only zero edition, and 2016’s single stage ultra along side the stage race. 2017 thus adds the Europaweg from Grächen to Zermatt, and the crossing from Switzerland […]

Juil 02

The Tour

Lizzy Hawker

  True, Ultra Tour Monte Rosa is only in its second year as an organized running event, but the long-distance hiking route around the Monte Rosa massif has been trod by people for quite a while previous to this. Wild and high and ridiculously scenic as it is, it’s punctuated by signs of habitation—vestiges of […]

Juin 15

They think you can do it too!

Lizzy Hawker

Words by Sarah Barker. I was rude and inquired the age of two finishers of the 2015 UTMR. Like most things, Roger and Bridget took my impertinence in stride, shared their experiences and gave some tips. Prepare to be blown away and inspired. In their own words… “Roger is 70 and I‘m 64. We have […]

Juin 12

Reading. Running and reading.

Lizzy Hawker

Words by Sarah Barker. I’ve observed that runners read. This is strictly anecdotal, and scientific rigor could easily prove me wrong, but I find that when runners return from seven or eight hours of scissoring the pins, they like to have a knees up. Because they are obsessive multitaskers, reading ensues. Next day, they’ve got […]

Juin 03

A volunteer’s view – meet Keith Byrne

Lizzy Hawker

Words by Sarah Barker As race volunteers go, you could do a lot worse than Keith Byrne. Super-chipper at dark-thirty in the morning? Eternal summer of the feet? Ah yes, that Keith Byrne. Byrne’s job at last year’s UTMR was to brief runners in the morning, then scurry quick to the finish line and get […]

Juin 01

The optimism of spring

Lizzy Hawker

Today is the 1st June already but everything is still possible. Registrations are open until July 1st – sign up now! Register here!   Words by Sarah Barker “All things seem possible in May.” I might have said that, after a few beers, but naturalist, photographer and writer Edwin Way Teale said it first. On the […]

Mai 27

Happy Finishers

Lizzy Hawker

Words by Sarah Barker So, the knee’s acting up again, or there was that frantic spot at work such that your training was reduced to the round-trip hike between desk and water cooler, and, well, you’re a bit unsure of your fitness. And particularly as it applies to the (ridiculously scenic) 116K of Ultra Tour […]

Mai 21

Krissy Moehl’s memories

Lizzy Hawker

Words by Sarah Barker. Women’s runner up of last year’s zero edition, Krissy Moehl, has plenty of trail racing experience—multiple UTMB finishes and two Hardrocks to name a few. Here are some things that made UTMR special for her: “The route, when done as a single-stage ultra, will be more challenging than UTMB—more technical trails, burlier […]

Mai 13

Smartphone GPS Trackers

UTMR Admin

We take pride in marking the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa course well with florescent markers such that nobody get  lost. But everybody sometime gets into the zone of deep concentration, or deep conversation with a running partner and has missed that sharp right turn and continued down the trail. If you carry a smart phone with […]

Mai 11

The UTMR Route and its secrets ….

Lizzy Hawker

Words by Sarah Barker Since I’ve been writing about ultras—not doing them, mind you, just hanging out in cow pastures shaking a bell and talking to people who actually carry themselves over nights and rocks—certain words have taken on a completely new meaning. Words like challenge, exposure, mountain, dinner. Fun. Take for example, mountain. Having […]

Avr 17

The race she wanted to run – UTMR and the Lizzy factor!

Lizzy Hawker

Say celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain opened a restaurant; you’d want to go, right? The guy’s eaten at and written about seemingly every famous restaurant on the planet. He’s an expert on dining. What would be on the menu? What would the atmosphere be like? If—didn’t happen, but if—guitar god Eric Clapton had put […]

Oct 01

Ultra Tour Monte Rosa

UTMR Admin

    Today is an exciting day!   We start to tell the news and story of our race.   Welcome to Ultra Tour Monte Rosa.   We have been working hard on this new project to develop a beautiful trail race around Monte Rosa on the Swiss / Italian border. We will hold a zero […]