4 to 7 September 2024 - Registrations open 16 October 2023!

Retreat: Moving into Stillness

Slow living with meditation and running tours


This is a “live slow” experience!

We will be living simply together in a alphütte at 2100m where our heating and cooking will be by wood fire. Accommodation is luxuriously simple with comfortable bunks (duvets and all linen provided), and with a wood fired sauna and hot tub for relaxation.

Our daily routine will be dictated by the weather, and the time taken to keep the wood chopped, the stove stoked and the water boiled 😉.

As a guide… we will start the day with an early (silent) sitting meditation, this will be inside or outside as the weather dictates. After a plentiful supply of tea and coffee, when possible we’ll follow this with a simple (outside) yoga session. A relaxed breakfast will be followed by a running tour. We are in a beautiful location… there are a plethora of trails available to us and we can make longer / shorter tours according to the needs / wishes of the group. An afternoon / evening meditation or yoga session may also be offered, and otherwise the hot tub / sauna wellness will be on offer followed by a convivial dinner. We will offer you the opportunity to experience taking silence for one day, as well as introduce a few moving meditations.

You need to be prepared for a simple and shared way of life, at the same time there will be every opportunity for you to have your own space for individual time. Arrive on Moosalp and then every opportunity is open to you.

A generous vegetarian breakfast and dinner will be provided each day (with good quality ingredients), and plenty of lunch materials on hand to pack snacks for day runs and for post-run tea-times. We have two restaurants ~10 minutes walk away and we will likely eat out on two nights (not included), so please budget for that as well as coffee stops during our day tours.

We’ll be on a journey together moving into stillness through a combination of meditation and running. Join us for something really quite special!


Our Alphütte lies at an altitude of 2100m, and is 10 minutes walk from Moosalp. It sits high above the Rhone Valley (in one direction) and the Matterhorn/Saas valleys in the other. In high season the bus will run directly to Moosalp (check www.sbb.ch/en), and otherwise it is a 45 minute walk from the village of Törbel and a 60 minute walk from the village of Bürchen. If your rucksack is light we recommend the beautiful walk up from Törbel to set the scene for the week.

We will send you a detailed gps location upon booking and likely we’ll meet you in Moosalp ourselves!


  • 20 – 26 July 2024 – Moving into Stillness – OPEN
  • 14 – 20 September 2024 – Moving into Stillness – OPEN


1250 euros – inclusive of 6 nights full board accommodation (as described above, excepting one or two dinners in a local restaurant, or running coffee stops), wood fired wellness (sauna and hot tub), 5 days gentle mix of meditation, yoga, running tours – led by Lizzy Hawker (supported by one or two friends).


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What they say…..

Thank you ❤️ I‘ve carried the stillness home with me and will close my eyes and think of the mountains when life around me is like a hurricane!
It’s given me so much confidence and calm and clarity.

Our first day back today. It felt so good to just take a bit of time during the day, to ‘be’, rather than the usual rushing around, hammering through an unrealistically long list of things that ‘must’ be done, and feeling guilty about taking time out. Missing you all and wishing we’d had longer together, but so, so grateful for the time that we did have.

I don’t remember ever before returning from a holiday with so much peace and gratitude in my heart 💕 Thank you @lizzy.hawker and @koraexplore for making it possible 🙏 A week in the Swiss Alps surrounded by the most beautiful nature, wildlife and birdsongs. Every day we were exploring the mountains, cooking meals on a wood fired stove and relaxing in a wood fired sauna. Pure magic!