4 to 7 September 2024 - Registrations open 16 October 2023!
tree planting in nepal

Reforestation and permaculture projects

Returning to nature to support local communities and to protect ecosystem function

As many of you know UTMR and we, as its organisers, have a close connection with Nepal and nearby regions in south east Asia. Like many of you we are concerned with the rampaging effects of climate change. In Nepal the effects of climate change are exacerbated by the speed of changing land use, including indiscriminate road building, often destabilising already fragile landscapes. Nepal is home to the highest mountains of our earth, the Himalaya. But its forests are also essential to ecosystem function over vast areas.

For each registered runner we will donate 1 euro to grassroots reforestation / permaculture projects, returning our natural world to itself. By definition these projects also provice much needed jobs for local people, helping to secure their livelihood and fight poverty, as well as protecting the natural environment.

With its geography and climate Nepal has always been subject to natural disasters. Climate change and deforestation has left this mountain nation even more vulnerable. Planting trees to restore forests is key to reducing the negative impacts natural disasters have on both the land and the local community. In deforested areas, planting trees rehabilitates and stabilises the land. The tree root systems hold the soil together, reducing, and eventually eliminating erosion. The tree canopies prevent direct contact of rainwater on the soil, decreasing the likelihood of floods and landslides.

On registering for any UTMR race we give our runners the opportunity to match or add to our donations for this effort. We are always happy for questions or additional donations, just email info@ultratourmonterosa.com for more information.

Thank you for your support to help protect our fragile natural environment.