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roman evarts utmb utmr

Jan 10


roman evarts utmb utmr

Roman Evarts chooses UTMR after UTMB


UTMB Podium Finisher chooses the 2019 UTMR 100 mile course for his next big challenge in order to keep focused, and to keep slim. He joins top 5 UTMB finisher Damian Hall and 11th place Petter Restorp.

roman evarts utmb utmrAfter last year’s UTMB, finishing 6th, I fulfilled my sporty ambitions and it was about a time to retire from the sport of Mountain Ultra Running. I was looking forward to a bright future and a great lifestyle with no extra energy wastage!

I’ve been off the running for a few months and guess what: I am almost faced with a need to upgrade my wardrobe to a XXL size. No surprise for a man who is highly appreciating high sugar and carb diet as a daily nutritional plan. Frustration about getting oversized rose up and I started looking for motivation to start moving again. No running this time!

Playing some ball game would be ideal, I thought. But it turned out that all my old football buddies became useless, as the only football they are doing nowadays is the PlayStation football. “Bummer!” But that’s ok; it was a great opportunity for me to put all the old habits aside and try something completely new.

Unfortunately to jump on a new wave routine wasn’t easy, as I came to the point when from the few option I had to choose between MMA fighting and CrossFit. As my last kickboxing tournament 20 years ago left me with a half damaged brains I decided to go for CrossFit.

Long story short: to keep up with athletes from this sport I found I would have to spend most of the time shirtless and drastically improve my selfie taking skills. As I am well known for the worst selfies on Instagram – the right decision for me was to give up this intention.

As you can imagine after all these adventures I’ve been in a bad mood and was taking extra dosage of ice-cream to get myself back from the dark hole. So the circle been closing and again I found myself sitting on a rooftop in Nepal looking for a big mountain race where I could take my running shoes for a walk.

The UTMR 100 miler has been on my radar for couple of years. I know the area and have been on some parts of the course, but never had an opportunity to have a see how the whole loop around Monte Rosa looks. The awesomeness of the area, the competitiveness of the next edition’s field and the right proportion of the miles vs elevation gain was the indication for me to enter without any doubts. For anyone who missed the UTMB lottery, this is a great, but hard, alternative.

This definitely will keep me moving and give some extra motivation to be out in the mountains during the summertime. But now I am out to have more ice-cream, as the signing up for the race doesn’t mean you have to start training straight away!

roman evarts trail running in Nepal

See you in September!!!


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Derniers méssages

Jan 06


Damian Hall is in for the hurt …

Lizzy Hawker

Damian Hall, journalist and elite runner, is signed up for the 2019 170 km Ultra Tour. With an impressive 5th place at the 2018 UTMB in 22:35:13, and having recently set an FKT (fastest known time) for the Cape Wrath Trail with Beth Pascall, he is no stranger to the long and hard. We look forward to hearing what he thinks of UTMR!


Damian Hall

Photo: Summit Fever Media


I love a good 100, me. The lumpier and hurtier the better.

Lizzy Hawker is a huge inspiration me and when I heard first heard talk about the inaugural Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, I wanted in right away.

There are a lot of appealing races towards the end of summer though and I had a bit of a UTMB obsession I needed to shake first.

In the meantime, friends of mine – especially Tim Laney, Nicky Spinks, Philip Haylett – did UTMR and raved about it. Race photos just looked sensational.

I’m done with UTMB for now and UTMR seems like the perfect replacement. Not only is it only one letter different, but it’s the same distance and also in the Alps.

However UTMR also seems very different to UTMB in some ways. It looks wilder and remoter, more technical and spectacular than UTMB. It goes higher (above 3,200m) and there’s 1,300m more ascent (gulp). It’ll obviously be more low-key, but that’ll make a nice change. (Cowbells can get a bit irksome after 20 hours or so.)

I can’t wait to get out there. I can’t wait for it to get hurty.


Damian Hall

Photo: Summit Fever Media


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Déc 10


Petter Restorp running

Petter Restorp chooses UTMR 170 km, the full tour of Monte Rosa, for 2019


Petter Restorp has joined UTMR through our programme for elite runners… Restorp finished 11th in the UTMB this year in a very respectable 23:34:35 and is looking for a new challenge for 2019 as he explains below.


Petter Restorp Dolomiti Extreme Trail.

Photo: Andrea Sagui / Dolomiti Extreme Trail.

I ended my 2018 season with a full month of rest. Instead of running I went climbing in Spain, France and Italy. Staying away from the trails was sometimes difficult but it gave me time to reflect on the past years’ competitions, remembering the best moments and learning from the mistakes. It was also the perfect time to plan for the future.

The race should not, however, be an easy one. I want to have to doubt my own performance. I want to feel overwhelmed, go through the hard times and finally get out on the other side.

To do a long race in the mountains is a big experience. It is a long journey both physically and emotionally and leaves you with a memory to carry with you for the rest of your life. Given that you have to invest a good amount of time in training and preparing for it, you better choose a race that you really would like to do. And there are many races to choose from, all with different lengths, elevation profiles, types of trails and more.

Petter Restorp running UTMB

I was looking for a challenge for the main event of my 2019 race calendar: a race that can take me high into the mountains on winding narrow trails with striking views. A race where I can journey into remote wild places, reconnect temporarily with civilization in some picturesque village before climb back up again.

The race should not, however, be an easy one. I want to have to doubt my own performance. I want to feel overwhelmed, go through the hard times and finally get out on the other side.

When I discovered the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa I immediately knew that it is the race I was looking for. I have never been on the trails around Monte Rosa, but the high peaks in the area are iconic and finisher times from the past editions tells me that it is brutal enough.

I also get the impression that the organization is very professional and surrounded with less of the commercial circus that you can find in some other big races.

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Juil 29


Why Monte Rosa Ultra

A bucket list ultra – Why choose Ultra Tour Monte Rosa?


When people enter for the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, the ultra trail race around the massif of Monte Rosa, we ask them to tell us why they entered, with this question.

Of all the races in the world, why did you choose to race the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa?

And here are the answers!

Massimo Scribano

Because i think that this race is a real tough race and not just a commercial one.

Sarah Hansel

I ran Tor last year and have been having a hard time finding another race that might live up to my experience there. A number of people recommended this race to me; it looks rugged and wild and incredibly challenging, and not as crowded as UTMB.

Hans Schmid

Love the Alps (especially under sunny conditions). UTMB too busy, expect UTMR to be more intimate and to my liking.

Kristian Gotsch

Because of it being in unique surroundings and not too big in terms of runners.

Svitlana Lavrenchuk

The scenery, organisation and the course.

Trent Ribaczkow

The course looks brutal and beautiful, while still having the charm of not having huge crowds and commercial popularity. The perfect recipe for personal growth.

Rasmus Braad

Route description. mountain terrain. cheap flight ticket to Geneva.

Lee Kit

Simply because it is very tough while the scenery is splendid!

Emil Nordh

No crowds on the trail and for the surroundings!

Rory Mitchell

Beautiful scenery, tough but rewarding trails, and glowing reports from everyone I know who’s been before.

Sergio Alla

Because the view and the challenge.

Frederik Burger

I love the Alps and having done the CCC twice this seems like the next step up. Aiming to one day do the full UTMR & UTMB. I’m typing this sat on a bench (having a coffee) before heading up on Stafal-Gabiet ski lift!

Rob Cain

Looks like a beautiful part of the world, and a challenge. What could be better!

Start line ultra tour monte rosa

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Jan 16


Une alternative à l’UTMB – un 100 miles comparable en Europe, aux portes de la France !


« Vous cherchez une bonne alternative à l’ UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc ? »

Internet est un endroit formidable pour effectuer une recherche avec les mots clefs « Alternative à » accolé au nom d’un grand trail célèbre afin d’en trouver un autre à découvrir, moins cher, moins difficile d’accès et moins « couru ». Surtout quand le grand trail en question est complet !

L’UTMB, le grand classique de la liste des 100 miles européens, se joue toujours à guichets fermés et avec le système de loterie, de nombreux coureurs malchanceux mais expérimentés sont à la recherche d’une alternative.

Comme Roman Evarts le conseille ci-dessous, ne renoncez pas à votre envie de 100 miles, passez à une course comparable et « continuez à vous préparer pour un ultra trail de 170 km ! »

Alternative to UTMB ultra trail

Deux superbes excursions en montagne.

Quelques impressions d’Andre Lauhoff 

« En janvier, j’ai été déçu de ne pas avoir été tiré au sort à la loterie de l’UTMB, mais depuis, je sais que c’était la bonne et même la meilleure décision que de participer à l’UTMR. J’y ai pris beaucoup de plaisir, avec des gens fantastiques dans un environnement non commercial, partagé avec des passionnés d’ultras et de course en montagne. Ces 4 jours à Grächen pour mon premier 100 miles ont été très spéciaux pour moi et je remercie Lizzy, Richard et tous les coureurs, les bénévoles, les spectateurs pour cela. S’il vous plaît ne changez rien !. » lien

Pour aider ceux qui cherchent une alternative à l’UTMB, voici quelques témoignages supplémentaires de coureurs qui connaissent à la fois l’UTMB et l’UTMR. Vous n’êtes pas d’accord avec eux ? Laissez un commentaire ci-dessous !

Jason Poole

J’ai eu la chance de terminer des courses vraiment incroyables à travers le monde. Dont la Hardrock Hundred (cinq fois), le Tor des Géants, la Ronda dels Cims, l’UTMB, la Zugspitz et bien d’autres encore. Je peux dire, honnêtement, que l’UTMR est l’une de mes courses préférées. Elle offre une telle variété de terrain et de reliefs, sans parler des vues dignes des cartes postales de certaines des montagnes les plus remarquables de toute l’Europe. De plus, la course est très bien organisée, offrant des conditions de course confortables – mais pas trop non plus pour ne pas baisser la garde pendant la course ! Venant du Colorado, aux Etats-Unis, j’ai été très impressionné par tout ce que l’UTMR peut offrir. Je recommande fortement ce Trail comme une superbe alternative à des courses plus importantes et plus démesurées. Vous ne serez pas déçu.

  • Jason Poole UTMB® 2011 32:27:54, General ranking : 81, Category ranking V1 H : 26 / UTMR 2017 39:22:17 15th / V 5th

Brian Melia

brian melia utmr runner ultra

Brian Melia, UTMR 2017

UTMR 2017, 2nd Veteran Male 39:00:33, 13th overall

On peut dire que l’UTMR est une alternative à l’UTMB, mais en fait, elle est encore plus dur sur les plans mentaux et physiques. Les montées, les parties techniques…. c’est tellement différent. Cependant, c’est un 170km qui n’est pas très loin et donc, si vous ratez votre entrée à l’UTMB, c’est certainement une alternative.
Vous aurez cependant le droit à un réveil un peu brutal, peu après le départ…💪💪😢🇮🇹❄️💥

[Il y a une grosse montée 2 km après le départ qui vous emmène directement sur les hauts sentiers techniques de montagne…]

  • Brian Melia UTMB® 2013 29:24:05, V1 H : 28 / UTMR 2017 39:00:33 13th / V 2nd

Denise Zimmerman

dennise zimmerman ultra runner at utmr with Lizzy Hawker

Denise Zimmerman, UTMR 2017

UTMR 2017, 2nd woman 38:47:55

L’UTMB est une course très célèbre, sympathique et populaire. C’est également une course très bien organisée et balisée et le parcours est très beau.

L’UTMR est une course plus petite et très conviviale (ambiance même amicale). L’organisation est sérieuse. Le parcours est vraiment super et personnellement, je l’ai trouvé beaucoup plus beau que le le tracé de l’UTMB, mais cependant bien plus technique et plus dur. J’ai mis beaucoup plus de temps à finir l’UTMR que l’UTMB.(UTMR 38:47 vs UTMB 31:00)

Pour moi, les deux courses ont été de superbes expériences !

  • Denise Zimmerman, 2nd Woman UTMR 2017, UTMB…31:00:03 in 2016 and finished also in 2015, 2012, 2011, 2009
UTMR 2017 Gill Fowler Credit_Lloyd_Belcher

Gill Fowler (c) Lloyd Belcher

Gill Fowler

UTMR 2017, 4th woman 41:33:23, La Sportiva Australia

Je pense que l’UTMR est un super trail ! Pour moi, il est plus attrayant que l’UTMB à différents niveaux : les paysages sont plus spectaculaires, le terrain est plus difficile, les sentiers sont plus techniques.

C’est une excellente alternative, mais cela dépend des gens. Je pense qu’ils faut être un coureur/ marcheur confiant et costaud.
En comparaison avec l’UTMB qui peut accueillir un plus grand nombre de participants, j’aime aussi beaucoup la dimension plus intime de l’UTMR, et j’étais heureuse de pouvoir évoluer seul dans les montagnes car je n’ai pas besoin d’avoir une fanfare de supporters. Mais si un coureur recherche cela, ce n’est peut-être pas, en effet, une bonne alternative.

C’est un des défis supplémentaires de l’UTMR qui la rend encore plus attrayante. J’ai adoré l’UTMR et j’espère y revenir !

  • Gill Fowler 2013 UTMB finisher, 28:50:30, 6th female.

Roman Evarts

Roman Evarts UTMB alternative

Roman Evarts s’entraîne sur la chaîne de l’Annapurna, Népal

A mon avis, pour quelqu’un qui s’entraîne dur pour un 100 miles mais qui n’a pas eu de chance au tirage au sort de l’UTMB, l’Ultra Tour Monte Rosa est la meilleure alternative possible.
Les deux événements ne sont espacés que d’une semaine, il n’est donc pas nécessaire de reprogrammer l’objectif de la saison. Je recommande à tous ceux qui n’ont pas été sélectionnés via la loterie de l’UTMB de ne pas se dire  » ok, peut-être l’année prochaine… », mais de continuer à s’entraîner pour un 170km et de tenter l’UTMR. Ce sera une très bonne option pour tester vos aptitudes mentales et physiques sur une course XL. Vous gagnerez beaucoup en expérience et en apprendrez beaucoup sur votre corps et votre esprit. Avec tout ça vous serez boostés niveau confiance jusqu’à vos prochains blocs d’entraînement en vue de l’UTMB !

L’UTMR n’est pas aussi « hype » que l’UTMB, mais si l’ambiance d’un Festival brésilien ne vous intéresse pas, optez pour l’Ultra Tour Monte Rosa sans aucun doute ni regret. Les sentiers et les vues autour du Mont Rose sont impressionnants !

  • Roman Evarts is from Latvia but trains in Switzerland(UTMB 2017 35th EVARTS Roman  24:58:48)

Un 100 miles par étapes !

Rappelez-vous qu’une autre alternative à l’UTMB ou à l’Ultra 170 km de l’UTMR peut aussi être de courir un 100 miles / 170 km en 4 étapes. Les avantages sont nombreux : courir de jour, séjourner dans des villages montagnards typiques, dans des hôtels confortables où l’on peut bien manger et rencontrer d’autres concurrents, tout en parcourant la distance exigeante d’un Ultra.

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Juin 19


Nicky Spinks, double Bob Graham Round record holder on UTMR 2018

Lizzy Hawker

Nick Spinks UK athlete Weisshorn

Nick Spinks, UK

Guest post by Nicky Spinks. Nicky is the current double Bob Graham Round record holder, two laps of a ~106 km mountain route in the Lake District in the UK. 

With entries closing in two weeks I thought I would remind everyone what a fantastic race this is and to say that I’m so looking forward to returning to Grächen in September and completing the full 170 km race. Last year I was upset to have to DNF at 100 km after 20 hours with a chest infection that took me until October to recover from.

I have only dropped out of two races in my life; Tankies Trog when I had a haemorrhaged cyst and the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, I was gutted both times. And this year I am determined to come back to UTMR and enjoy the first half as much as I did last year … and then revel in completing the second half and running down to the finish to meet Lizzy Hawker as she greets runners in on the finish line!

Training is going well with the Ultra Tour Snowdonia 50 completed in 9th position, 1st Lady in 13.50 hours. This was a good training race as 50 miles but with a huge 6070m ascent. My next race is the Lakeland Trails Ultimate 55k on July 8th which is “flatter” with 2133m of ascent but in 34 miles.

I’ve ordered a UTMR map and keep looking back at the photos of last year. I was blown away by the scenery on the route and hope the weather is just the same as in 2017 so I can enjoy it to the maximum. The race organisation is very low key but efficient and appeals to my sense of fell running spirit. I just love the serenity of being part of the mountains and not in huge crowds.

To enter just chose your course; either full 170 km, full 100 km or stage 170 km. Then fill out a pre-registration form and Lizzy will respond with your invitation and hey presto – you’re in and can start planning the adventure!!

Contact @Nicky Spinks via Twitter.

Monte Cervino


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Juin 10


Jason Poole Ultra Runner

USA Ambassador: Jason Poole



We’re delighted that Jason has offered to share his experience of the 2017 Ultra Tour Monte Rosa with anybody interested in learning more about the course from an American trail perspective. Here’s a little info about Jason and contact details. 

Jason Poole Ultra Runner

Jason became involved in endurance sports in 1987, primarily competing in long-distance mountain bike races. In 1996, Jason started adventure racing, long-distance orienteering and ultrarunning. For the past 16 years, his primary focus has been 50 and 100-mile mountain trail ultrarunning events. He has competed in world-class ultra events across North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, including the Tor des Géants, Hardrock, Barkley, Ronda dels Cims and the Eco Challenge. One of his all-time favorite events is the 170-kilometer Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (UTMR) in the Swiss & Italian Alps, which he completed in 2017. For more information on the spectacular UTMR, please contact Jason at: jasonpoole@hotmail.com or follow him on Instagram at @jasonmpoole, Twitter at @jasonmpoole or Facebook, Jason Poole.

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Avr 03


Japan Ambassador – Shinobu Ono


小野 忍(おの しのぶ)



chamonixshinobu@yahoo.co.jp http://mountain-ma.com/katorisenko

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Nov 07


2017 Ultra winner Stone Tsang interviewed over the last kilometer


So exciting! It’s a tough race, very difficult. Very difficult.

It’s not a normal ultra race.

If you finish this race [you’re] very tough, the very long climbs up and do – so big – also the altitude,
and also the technical… it’s so technical my god! Unbelievable. It’s not just one or two sections. Maybe just one or two sections are runable, other sections are so technical. You need to focus the whole way, and your feet are suffering, so those things make this race so tough.

If people can finish this race, they are really a champion!


The good thing is the weather – so good – otherwise more difficult.

Ah finally!

I really slowed down on the last section. I really wanted to take it easy a little bit. So tough, I’m so tired.

Very beautiful race course. I think the stage race is fun.

[Lizzy Hawker, at the finish line:] You’re the first person (ever) to complete the race course.

Thank you!

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Juil 29


Italian ultra 100 km race checkpoint

Feedback from runners in 2017


While feedback is sometimes critical (and constructive) there is a lot of happy feedback from many race competitors. Here is a selection from 2017….

Basil Geoghegan

« The UTMR was awesome. Putting together a race on this terrain is impressive. I loved it. I have never run a stage race before. Standing in an Alpine village waiting for the clock to strike 6 and running until it strikes 6 again in another village is a great experience. The camaraderie and banter with other runners was better than my expectations. »

Thomas Naughton

« I loved the event.  I found that because for the stage races you are staying in hotels overnight, you are able to spend a lot more time with your fellow runners than you would if you were doing the ultra. Course is beautiful and I thought organisation was as good as I’ve seen it for an ultra.  Volunteers and staff were brilliant. One of the friendliest races I’ve been at (in terms of people). And one of the most brutal (in terms of terrain)! »

Brett Hochfeld

« I really enjoyed the race beautiful and brutal in equal measure. I loved your personal touch & prayer flags on the summits – it really added a special feel to the race. »

Janine Canham

« Loved having hotels to sleep in, real food for breakfast & dinner and bags carried for us!  Altogether a fantastic event. »

Dane Ryan

« This is my third year at the UTMR and I have really enjoyed being part of the race, it has given me focus, a goal and helped my running enormously. The course is challenging and beautiful and the volunteers friendly and helpful, the whole event has a informal almost family feel to it – which is great. »

Alan Wood

« Fantastic route, really enjoyed the stage race concept. Overall a fantastic event and extremely well organised given the logistical difficulties. I will definitely be recommending the race! »

Nicola Gover

« Great event, really well organised, incredibly well marked and lovely helpful volunteers at all times. »

Aleksandr Vikulin

« The trail is very beautiful. It deserves being run in daylight, so I really loved the staged format. »

Venetia Wingfield

« Still small enough to run in the wild and to make (and find) friends and a good spirit amongst participants and volunteers. »

Lotte Carritt

« Volunteers were always excellent. Always friendly, helpful and encouraging. A real asset to the race. »

Georgia Fane-Hervey

« This was one of the best and most breathtaking adventures I have experienced. »

Sophie Villance

« J’ai adoré cette course, le concept de 4 jours est vraiment génial, les paysages étaient magnifique et l’organisation était top, un tout grand merci! »

Barb Campbell

« The course was everything you promised and much more. I’ve finished many races of different kinds but few of them have felt like such a major accomplishment. it was a wonderful experience – spectacular, adventurous and fun. »

Tobias Hurter

« A great, unforgettable, very hard race. Please keep the personal atmosphere. I’m glad to pay a higher entrance fee to run in such a friendly atmosphere – no need for another overcommercialized mass event. »

Helen Cospolich

« I absolutely love this race! »

John Moreton

« I had one of the best, if not toughest runs of my life and loved it all. Thanks and see you all again. »

Derek Fish

« This route was outstandingly beautiful and extremely tough (which I expected). »

Sarah Gilliam

« A week on and I am still blown away by the amazing experience I had running the 170 km race. »

Beverley Redfern

« I thoroughly enjoyed this challenging race and thought the organisation was very good. All queries prior to the race were answered very promptly. This is a very beautiful and challenging race and I feel privileged to have taken part. I felt very well looked after. »

Spyridon Siakoufis

« I felt that you really love what you are doing and that is what I am looking for on these races. Thank you for the experience. »

Johannes Parkkonen

« It’s one of the most memorable and rewarding races I have done. »

Peter Hjelmström

« Great race in absolutely astounding mountains. Excellent and challenging race course. Although a major large race, the race organizers and volunteers made it a very personal experience. »

Philip Pearson

« Thanks very much for staging such a tremendous event. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The route and scenery would be hard to beat anywhere in the world and I met many lovely people over the four days. »

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