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Sacha Mijatov UTMR ambassador


Mar 02

Switzerland / Europe UTMR Ambassador: Sacha Mijatov

Lizzy Hawker

We’re delighted that Sacha will be an ambassador for UTMR on the trails and social media! Thank you Sacha & we look forward to welcoming you back in September 2020.  

You can find Sacha on facebook if you want to contact him!  

Sacha Mijatov UTMR ambassador
Sacha racing the Grächen Berglauf in 2020

Sacha (Turbosnail) Mijatov

Born: 1971


Brussels, Belgium.

About me:

I have been living in Switzerland for 20 years and have fallen in love with the mountains! I started hiking and discovering beautiful landscapes and regions. A few years later, I started running and I discovered that there are mountain races. This was my point of no return! (laughing)

My other life:

I’m an IT guy and looking for any excuse to be in the mountains.

In my free time:

I run! What else?

Fun Fact:

Richard (Race director) told me I have the mountain DNA. Very flattering but also funny for someone from a flat country.

Favourite Alp trail run:

Can’t say I have a favourite Alp trail run. But I am in love with the Zermatt region, for the beauty of the landscape but also for the moments of my life that took place there and that are so dear to my heart!

Why are you an ambassador for the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa?

I first helped Lizzy and Richard with the French translation of the website (for the 1st edition) but I didn’t have the experience and endurance to participate yet. Since then, I have participated in several trails and have met other runners as enthusiastic and passionate as me. The 2019 edition of the UTMR was cancelled due to weather conditions. I admit I was frustrated, but when I saw Lizzy and Richard doing what they had to do to keep the participants happy, I told myself that I could do something for them too! And it is with pleasure and pride that I will represent the UTMR on the different races I will participate in and also on the social networks!

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