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May 21

Krissy Moehl’s memories

Lizzy Hawker

Words by Sarah Barker.

Women’s runner up of last year’s zero edition, Krissy Moehl, has plenty of trail racing experience—multiple UTMB finishes and two Hardrocks to name a few. Here are some things that made UTMR special for her:

“The route, when done as a single-stage ultra, will be more challenging than UTMB—more technical trails, burlier climbs and descents, and the views more dramatic. I would say it will be on par with Hardrock.

“The stage race format was wonderful because you got to see it all, since you only ran during daylight. The camaraderie that developed, gathering every morning for breakfast and every evening for dinner—there was much more opportunity to get to know people, and that was really fun.

Happy Krissy at the finish line in Grächen!

Happy Krissy at the finish line in Grächen!

“Lizzy did a really good job of rallying the troops, of knowing her strengths and being able to pull in other people for all the other details that come up. She’s good at putting together a super tough course, and knowing what runners need, like confidence markers along way, volunteers at strategic spots, great aid stations. We made fun of her because she’s so quiet, not much for public speaking, but she recruited a great team to do those things.

“After the second day of running, about 12 of us were hanging out in this town square waiting for our luggage. We were putting our legs in the fountain to ice them, just sitting in the sun, eating focaccia bread and snacks, and watching runners come in. It was a great afternoon!

In the village fountain!

In the village fountain!

“It was cool to see how much involvement there was from the towns we passed through. They hosted an awards ceremony and gave these beautiful bowls as gifts. There were fans along the course—the towns are really into it.”


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