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Mar 27

GB international Dan Lawson is looking for some magic in the 2019 4-day stage race

Lizzy Hawker


Dan Lawson is a GB international runner, in 2016 he won the IAU 24 Hour European Championships and holds a world record for the distance run on a treadmill in 7 days. He is fresh off an FKT on the Jordan Trail with Robbie Briton. Why is he turning to UTMR & the mountains? For the magic of course, we hope he finds it!


Dan Lawson, GB flag in hand.


I’m really excited to be coming to the UTMR this year, it’s given my 2019 an extra bit of magic.

In 2019 I will run for Great Britain at the World 24hr Championships as well as taking part in my first 6 day race. Both of these formats will take place on a 1km tarmac loop. These races are a real mental challenge, that’s why it’s so amazing to be able to mix training for these events with competing and preparing for UTMR.

It will give me that chance to really connect with nature and run on trails that make me feel more like I’m playing rather than running. UTMR will most definitely be tough but in a different more magical way, I hope! Part of my love of ultra running is the chance it gives me to continually push myself. UTMR will be very much out of my comfort zone, I have a lot experience running round flat circles, but very little in the mountains. I’m also not too great with heights, but I like to put myself in situations where I feel a little scared and uncomfortable, ultimately I think it makes me a stronger person.

I’m looking forward to the yin and yang of my year, I’ve just finished an amazing adventure in Jordan, setting an FKT on the Jordan Trail amongst scenery that would even compete with that at the UTMR. This as well as my UTMR experience will be the classical symphony music to the metronomic 24hr road training.


In the Gobi Desert.

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