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Mar 31

Christian Insam returning to finish unfinished business on the trails of Monte Rosa

Lizzy Hawker

La Sportiva elite athlete, Christian Insam, is returning to finish unfinished business on the trails of Monte Rosa! Good luck, see you in September!


Christian during the 2018 UTMR!


After my withdrawal last year at km 120 my first thought was that I would definitely return to conclude the route around the Monte Rosa! Too strong was the desire to return to these magnificent places, on those endless climbs where you are in close contact with nature. Starting early in the morning on the Europaweg that leads to Zermatt and enjoying the sunrise that paints the Matterhorn red is an indescribable thing.

After last season and the injury that occurred at the UTMR I had to rest for a while, recover physically and identify the root of my ongoing inguinal problems. Living in the mountains, in the Dolomites, during the wintertime I almost completely stop running. I ski, practice skialp and cross skiing. I think that to alternate between sports is very good for muscles and tendons regeneration.

The 2019 edition promises to be very interesting with the presence of so many great champions – everyone ready to give his maximum.

Thanks Lizzy and Richard – see you soon!


Winter training!

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