4 to 7 September 2024 - Registrations open 16 October 2023!

Volunteers – Voluntari

We need you and our runners need you!

Join our wonderful UTMR team in 2018!

Volunteering for a big event like UTMR can be fun and very rewarding. Together we can create a special event for the runners, supporters and all the communities that are involved along the route of the race. We’d love to celebrate your effort and generosity too! We will feed you appropriately for the time that you are able to offer and we will give you a special edition UTMR t-shirt and buff as a thank you gift. Travel and accommodation can be discussed on an individual basis.

We are looking to hear from you!

Thank you – Grazie mille – Danke – Merci!

Passionate and supportive volunteers at the Monte Moro Pass in 2015!

Passionate and supportive volunteers at the Monte Moro Pass in 2015!


“So many wonderful memories! However one of the main things that stands out for me and made the whole journey so enjoyable was the support crew… These two especially were amazing, you could here them from the bottom of the valley every time somebody reached the top! Debbie and her friends energy was infectious, this picture still makes me smile AND I can still hear them! Who needs an Alp Horn!” – Bridget Funnell, 2015 participant


If there is one thing that made a deep lasting impression on me, it would be the volunteers. I have been to a number of races around the world, and the volunteers in UTMR — both locals and runners that came over to participate as volunteers — really made a huge difference. They really cared, and encouraged in a way I did not have the chance to witness in other events. It made the event really special for me. I was actually so thankful for the way they supported and cheered for us that, following the event, I decided I wanted to give back, and participated as a volunteer myself for the first time at the Mount Fuji race.” – Ari Veltman, 2015 participant


The checkpoint at Rifugio Ferraro in 2015!

The checkpoint at Rifugio Ferraro in 2015!


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