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Nov 15


Slovak elite, Peter Brestovansky, for the 2019 170km UTMR

Lizzy Hawker

We are happy to welcome an elite runner, Peter Brestovansky, from the Slovak Ultra Trail Team to the 170km UTMR! Here’s what he has to say …..

“In addition to climbing, ski alpinism and mountain biking, I also enjoy running. The long distances running. Ultra run. It came completely out of blue. At the time I was occupied with my work and family so much, there was no time for more time consuming activities such as climbing or cycling. So I started running. And I kept adding length of the distances. I started to explore my limits. First I thought my personal limit was to complete a marathon. Then I managed to run most of the Slovak ultra trail racing competitions containing of one hundred and more kilometres as well as 24 hour running events. I still did not reach the limits of my body and soul. So I decided to run a solo of 360 km from High Tatras to the Danube River. The limits were not reached yet… I was looking for a new dimension. 

I found it in enrolling charity running events and runs carrying a strong moral message. One of them is „Ultralanovka“ for Plamienok Charity and Štefánik Trail, where collected funds are used for palliative care of small children.

Before and after the Stefanik trail!

The „On the Edge“ Project, where my team and I run from Auschwitz in Poland to Žilina in Slovakia (170 km), to revive the true story of two concentration camp prisoners Vrba and Wetzler, who provided the first ever report following their concentration camp escape  describing events of what was actually happening there. The result of the project was a movie called „On the Edge“, that won a few prizes at various film festivals. Me and my co-runners  have been now showing this film, accompanied with additional explanations and discussions, to children at schools thought the whole Slovakia. The last of my big challenges were races in Andorra ELS 2900 and PTL around Mont Blanc. Both races carrying a strong message, taking place in the mountains that I love and where I can become a part of them for a while. My addiction started there. I like the challenges, especially the harder ones. This doesn’t apply just to the run, but also to climbing and ski alpinism. In all these events not only physical but also mental preparedness is needed. I have found out that, apart from mileage, there is something else that makes these occasions so important. It’s about people around you – your family, your team and your mind. Mental preparation. The way you deal with it, how you believe in your abilities and how you can be yourself. Together with my friends I also organise running camps, where we teach other runners how to lead this way of life.”

We wish you the best of luck Peter, see you in September!

Raining in the Tatras!




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